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Q.What does the car price posted on your web mean ?
A.All the prices listed on our web are export prices in FOB basis. But you are welcome to inquire us about the freight so long as you inform us of your port name.
Q.Are the car pictures and inspection results genuine and reliable ?
A.Yes, they are. We guarantee that every picture taken for our stock is genuine. And the inspection results you see for our stock are reported by our employees, who are nationally certified inspectors.
Q.Can I book the car that I want to buy ?
A.Yes, you can book any of our existing stock if you fulfill 20% payment of the whole car price and promise to pay the balance within 6 days. We will then book the car for you. As soon as we receive the balance, we will ship the car to you.
Q.How can I order your stock ?
A.You may do it by sending inquiry forms on our website or sending emails to us. Or, you can call or fax our office directly. As soon as we receive your order and confirm the availability of that stock, we will get in touch with you and proceed on to steps of payment and delivery.
Q.After I order some stock from you, can I cancel the order if I change my mind ?
A.Yes, you can. However, the 50% prepayment of the car price is non-refundable.
Q.Need to pay us forklift amount ?
A.You are required to send us Full payment of car you bought from our web site, when you received invoice by Bank Remittance, At the moment we only accpet Bank Remittance, no Credit Card Payment acceptable.
Q.What is bank detail ?
A.For Bank Details Please Click Here
Q.Besides car price and freight, is there any other cost that I have to pay for importing your car into my country ?
A.Yes, there is. The extra costs include terminal handling charges, container tax, wharfage, document charge, and internal trucking fee.
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